Can’t eat tonight after 9PM or tomorrow morning.
No, not a new cool super-diet thing..
We’re doing a glucose tolerance test in uni tomorrow! I absolutely cannot wait!
We go there at 10AM, take a blood sample (which is really awesome, taking your own blood sample with this little stinging pen-like device hah), then either consume pure glucose (powder mixed in water) or four (!!!!) Mars bars to get the same amount of glucose. Four Mars bars! Science what are you doing? I wonder which group will I be. Eating four Mars bars seems challenging.. Not a fan anyway, I can eat one, maybe two but four?.. Oh ok if I must. But then again I might be in the pure glucose group..
Well and then we will measure our glucose levels after set periods of time and see when it goes up and down and all the cool stuff! Then we will take some more blood and store it for Thu for some more tests.
Oh dear, I love my course so much!!

Spoke with my GM just now and confirmed that my last day will be tomorrow and I’ll be getting my redundancy forms by post

50% sadness for missing the lovely team
50% excitement cuz the job turned to shit and now I just don’t have to give a fuck anymore

My cinema career

May 2005 - Sept 2007 Coca Cola Plaza, concessions
Nov 2007 - Dec 2008 Odeon New Street, team member
Jan 2009 - Apr 2010 AMC Broadway Plaza, team member
Apr 2010 - Aug 2012 AMC Broadway Plaza, projectionist
Sept 2012 - Nov 2012 Odeon Broadway Plaza, projectionist

Omg! Tangy, one of the managers who also had the retarded Selection Day and had to go through all the tests..
In the one where they had to draw a film character who would share their personality traits and would represent their characteristics… He drew Jesus. Jesus on a cross. …………. Jesus on a cross. Cuz that’s the character that symbolises you the best……. O_O

And they’re disappointed in me for finding that exercise stupid?… IFTHISISWRONGIDONTWANNABERIGHT

Why my grandpa is awesome

He’s almost 91.
He was saying how he planned to go to the forrest this summer to cut some branches to make some brooms (as he does during the summer) but that this year he never managed to.
He then said that he went to a shop where try sell brooms but those ones were really weak and rubbish. He then bought two, brought them home, took them apart and built one strong and decent broom.
He’s almost 91.

Why my grandpa is awesome

He’s almost 91.
The lock on his front door broke. It was the barrel or whatever the inside bit that goes in and out is called.
I asked him if he got it replaced.
He said nah and that he had simply taken the inside bit from the lock for the greenhouse door, swapped them and now it’s working perfectly. He said it took him awhile but he got it sorted.
He’s almost 91.

I’m 96% certain that Odeon won’t offer me the position cuz apparently I was misbehaving yesterday when I answered Merlin’s call (during a break!) and got all excited about Richard Dawkins and then rushed my last computer test (which I didn’t know anyway). Obviously no one understood cuz they were like “Dawkins?.. Hawking? That’s the guy in the wheelchair right?..”

Ah and I kept saying during the exercises how stupid they were.

Lol yea ok then. Hello, two free evenings per week and redundancy money! :D

Frankly, it’s been depressing working for these people so far anyway.. And I would have had to go on the floor as well.

I’m not bitter, not at all. I’m just pissed off that the cunt GM was talking about my performance behind my back saying how disappointed he was about this and that and how rude I had been. Dafuq?! How seriously do these middle aged cinema managers take themselves?? And rude? Like how when the four of us candidates got to the hotel bar (because that’s how serious this selection event was, they rented conference rooms at a nearby hotel), we were sitting by ourselves for half an hour whilst the mighty managers were laughing, eating and drinking two tables down and didn’t have the decency to say hello, never mind offer us food or drinks or make us feel welcome?

Dear odeon, I don’t wanna leave and have this bad blood between us, I’m cool with the redundancy and all (since you really fucked us over with the digital projection) but don’t tell me I am rude or you are disappointed in my “rebellious behaviour”.. Especially because I got more excited about listening to a world-famous scientist and not your maths test or lego exercise.. Ugghhhhhhh….

Grandpa was also saying how he still needs to go to the florist tomorrow to get some flowers for her. I asked him to take one from me as well and say goodbye.

Grandpa demanded that they put daisies to grandma’s gravestone. I asked him why. He broke to tears and told me that she loved daisies and that she always used to ask him to stop the car when they were driving, to go and pick some daisies from the fields. They were married for 58 years. 

Ughhhh I really wanted to go to a Halloween party Merlin invited me to… BUT I had this stupid physiology write-up to do so I decided to do that instead.
And I was a moron and couldn’t figure out which ways the clocks go so I thought I’d lose an hour and I have work in the morning.
Only after eating over half of the large pizza (like a fat bastard that I am) I fell asleep on K for about an hour and a half.
So then I discovered I have actually gained an hour and I finished this stupid write-up.
So so stupid… And I’m absolutely gutted I didn’t make it to the party. Merlin was apparently the pyramid head from Silent Hill. I would have gone as Elle Driver from Kill Bill. Easy costume cuz we have the katana. Just needed black trousers, white shirt and black jacket and shoes. And an eye patch. Would have been so cool showing off the katana (KB prop btw, last year’s Christmas present. Budd’s sword, with the inscription and all). Well I guess there’s the next Halloween when I don’t have uni work to worry about..
Ironically Kill Bill 2 was on TV tonight and we caught it from the scene where Elle and The Bride are fighting in Budd’s trailer. And the sword is there. Oh it’s just my favourite! And cuz K installed the surround sound speakers, the sound was cinema-like and awesome.
Now sleep and work and then some more writing up again. Bhhhhhh….

Gonna watch Skyfall in out new EYE-POPPING, EAR-TINGLING AND SOMETHING ELSE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE iSense screen. Yea iSense. Like a poor man’s IMAX. And cuz it’s super hip to put an “i” if front of a trademark concept. Ffffffffff….. Speakers in the walls, ceiling and behind the screen. Apparently the best thing to ever happen to cinema..
I am really not bothered and I can’t wait to get home.

I freaking HATE when I’m steaming my veggies and I lose track of time or just forget, and the next minute the kitchen is full of smoke and a thick layer of charcoal is covering the bottom of my pot arghhh

Estonia 17.12.12-24.12.12

Oh yes!
(Well fingers crossed…)

My friends are better than your friends cuz they just met Dylan Moran and shook his hand and got an autograph and then phoned me and I felt like I was there fangirling my heart out as well ❤