Went and saw Anchorman 2 in the cinema.

Came home and Anchorman was on BBC Three.

Painful comparison.

Pain + gain (2013)

We’ve had it downloaded for ages but I got around to watching it only tonight. Sweetheart had seen it in the cinema and kept nagging me to watch it, so I did. And it was crazy cool! Very very colourful and stylish with great scenes and dialogue. Ridiculous (true?!) storyline and great actors being awesome. How much beefcake?? A LOT!

I’m not sure how much of a Michael Bay fan I am (freaking HATE the Transformers) but this was really fun and I’d definitely recommend it.

Rounders (1998)

It was on TV yesterday and surprisingly we actually stuck with it (maybe cuz it was on BBC HD so it was good quality and no ads).

I had never seen it before and even though it was such a cliché (losing everything, swearing to never do it again despite the talent, doing it again, being victorious), I really really enjoyed it. Loved seeing Matt Damon and Edward Norton so young aww, and loved the deep 90s feel it had. Strange cuz I still think of the 90s as “a few years ago” heh..

If they’re actually doing the second film, I’ll be very excited to go see it.

There are 101 episodes of Modern Family. We are on episode 4. Omg.

And it’s so easy to click the next episode on Netflix, oh gawd!..

The Iceman (2012)

Serious serious but interesting and decent. Can’t find a fault in it (ok maybe Winona Ryder was a bit annoying) but I can’t really say much about it. Very very dark and bloody.

Elysium (2013)

I’m a bit drunk so of course I will now write about the films that I’ve recently watched Aah yiis! Ok, spoilers ahead!

I really really really liked this! I’ve seen so much crap, well no, I’ve seen only a couple of films in the cinema and they’ve been so crap eww.. So yea, after Django Unchained and The Great Gatsby, this has been my favourite thing I’ve seen “recently”.

It was clever and fast and soooo well written. The stories came together so perfectly and the characters were so awesome (Carlyle! Jodie Foster!). I loved the social commentary about immigration and class differences, how Spanish was the main language on Earth, how Matt Damon’s selfish plan became self-sacrificing and part of something ridiculously bigger.

The only thing that really really annoyed me was when Jodie Foster captures Matt Damon and starts to take all the coup d’état data from his brain and he’s so beaten up an almost dead - why on earth wouldn’t she put him to the healing chamber first just to make sure she gets the information Jesus it would have taken 30 seconds!! But of course then he wouldn’t have died for the woman and the girl and blablabla but still.. Ughh..

But otherwise it was so freaking brilliant!

Life of Pi (2012)

I think this is the first film I’ve watched since The Hobbit in Dec O_O

And I didn’t even want to watch it in a cinema. The digital has pretty much ruined my cinema experience and I’d much rather watch the slightly crappier quality from the comfort of my living room. I have a feeling that from now on I will only go to the cinema for something big or when I have nothing better to do. Sad sad sad..

Aaanyway I was quite scared this was gonna be all these fancy pants special effects to make the 3D super awesome (which it might have?) and not much of an interesting story but I wasn’t bored at all! Wowowow! It turned out to be really good and oh my god was I jumping on my sofa when the ship was going down or when this or that was jumping at the main character. Very very exciting! Yea I guess I do enjoy watching films after all.. Still.. But I already know it will be hard to find the time as soon as uni starts again. This masters is nothing like what I’ve experienced before..

But Life of Pi was great, loved the cute young boy, the special effects, the story, it was all good.

Skyfall (2012)

Hey ho I actually really liked this! Even though we watched it at midnight and I had had a long long day. day day day. repeat repeat repeat.

im not a Bond fan. embarrassing but apart from the last 3 i havent even seen the other films properly. im not too bothered though so i won’t go out of my way to watch them either i guess..

Casino Royal was great but maybe i just spent most of the film swooning over Eva Green? I hated Quantum of Solace and i didn’t even see a quarter of it cuz i fell asleep oh well.

so i kind of went to see it with a huge “meh” feeling but was positively surprised. Javier Bardem, the crazy motherfcker, stole the show imho. or was that just cuz all his hair was bleached white? cuz anything albino is creepy heh. 

well mostly i liked it cuz even though it was ridiculously long (for a film that starts at midnight!) i never felt bored or sleepy. 

it had some stupid bits in it and i would have loved to see more dominant female characters plus there wasn’t anything that memorable or original in the chase/action sequences.. but overall it left me with a good feeling. and the song is soooo awesome! 

ps - funny how i watched the last Bond also at Odeon. and it seems like yesterday we had a preview showing of some mysterious film “21” in our CCP intra system. oh dear, measuring time by the film release schedule… 

Boy A (2007)

got this from Kadri in April but only watched it on Sept 10th. 

it was good. i think. loads of mixed emotions. which i guess it was supposed to arise. who do i feel for? the public? the child-criminal? i read a lot about the actual case that this was based on (or not? definitely similar stuff) and i still don’t know. punishment or second chances? who decides? when is someone responsible? who is responsible? deep deep questions..

all that aside, i thought it was funny how terribly not good looking Andrew Garfield was in this. lol hello superficiality!

i guess i would recommend it but it wasn’t easy to watch. just before or after watching this, i also stumbled upon the last part of Boys Don’t Cry on tv and that was even more violent, depressing and cruel. bhhh.. entertainment not being so entertaining.. 

Anna Karenina (2012)

i never realised that it was directed theatrically so that was a surprise (sometimes I’m retarded like that and don’t watch all the trailers), took a bit of time to get used to but it was quite easy.

again, film full of beautiful people so i was prone to like it from the start. i don’t remember if i actually read the whole book but i did read at least bits of it and i knew the story. people i know here, hadn’t really heard anything about it previously which is slightly weird imho but ok..

Kiera Knightley was as gorgeous as ever and this time DIDN’T speak with a horrible russian accent (*coughdangerousmethodcough*). Aaron TAYLOR-Johnson was a handsome young soldier even with the funny moustache and my heart is breaking for Jude Law who was supposed to be the old and ugly bore of a husband (it’s Jude Law goddamnit!). also an aw-bless to ATJ for playing the young heartthrob who dismisses all the young girls gushing over him and chooses the older lady with a child and a husband.

the film was long and detailed and was oh so beautiful from the visual aspect. they were also really clever with the set production, so the film had a really amazing and smooth flow from shot to shot. 

i also really like the story and it really got me. i would have loved to have watched it again but unfortunately it was quite unpopular and i tore the print down yesterday..

Lawless (2012)

ooh i absolutely loved this one! didn’t realise it was an 18 until afterwards when it all made sense.

it was bloody (but not Saw and Final Destination bloody, really creepy and sickening bloody), and cruel and emotional. i really cared for the characters (except for Shia LaBeouf, one does not simply care for Shia LaBeouf anymore). Tom Hardy was a badass mofo as he usually is, but my favourite was the limpy younger brother cuz he was just too cute and clever. Guy Pearce gave me shivers every time he was on screen, really well acted! 

i wholeheartedly recommend!

Prometheus (2012)

I liked it even though I have to shamefully admit that I slept for about 10 minutes of it but I had had a really long and busy day (bhhh I hate this stupid habit so much.. When I just physically can’t keep my eyes open.. Oh well)

It was often gooey and gross in a very cool and awesome kinda way. I loved the cast except for Idris Elba who annoys me for some reason in everything (haven’t watched Wire, so don’t know about that).

Had a fun time at the screening with Splash and bf and my Bounty milkshake hehehe.

And I absolutely loved the ending! Even though the whole film just made you have more and more questions (classic Lost writers’ move I guess).

After the showing a couple of Marlon’s friends (nephews even?) stayed around and we were discussing it. But the first thing the crazy religious loonies would say about Sir Ridley Scott’s film was “I AIN’T COME FROM NO ALIENS YO!”. Bhhhhhhhh… Cuz yea, as it’s stated it was a documentary and the whole truth about everything. I get so frustrated I don’t even say anything anymore.. I have more intelligence in my shoe laces.. /rant

Flight of the Conchords (2007 TV series)

Probably just the greatest comedy series ever made nbd.. It’s ridiculous how much they can make you laugh, these Bret and Jemaine. Why oh why are they not touring at the moment nooooo I can’t even omgomg…
One who hasn’t watched this, has not lived. Period.

Silent House (2011)

I the first 5 minutes all I could think was “oh come on, I’m really staring to hate this handheld camera gimmick!”. But then I realised that hey, they never cut the scene and the camera just flows along with the characters and action and I thought that it was quite awesome. Obviously not actually just one shot but it fit together really well. Amazing how well they planned and mapped it, so yea big ups for that (never noticed one reel change heh..).
The film was also really intense and I was freaking out and biting my nails for the most of it. The ending was a bit of a let down imho. Was expecting a bad horror but got a thrilling drama instead. Not bad. Don’t understand the 5.4 on imdb tbh..

We Bought A Zoo (2011)

Even though I watched it with only half of concentration, I really liked it. It was sweet and positive and cute and funny. With loads of cuddly animals. Very uplifting and heart warming. I was stupid to miss it in the cinemas but at least I saw it now.